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Brex v 2.0

brex v2.0
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Bree and Rex are perfectly dysfunctional love.

Lovebar by luminary

This is a private Bree/Rex community designed for writing and posting fic, discussing theories, discussing Desperate Housewives plotlines, posting pictures, icons, articles, and anything else portaining to the Van de Kamp couple.

Here's a couple of rules we'd like to play by:

1. Please be polite to your fellow members. All opinions should be respected no matter how different from your own. People are not always going to agree but they should always be respectful of one another.

2. Please place any show spoilers under a cut for those who may not want to be spoiled

3. Character bashing can be funny and is harmless. Bashing any of the actors/actresses of Desperate Housewives or any other television show or spreading rumors isn't cool.

4. Please place fanfiction under a cut when you post.

5. All fanfiction should be clearly labelled with both a rating and with a disclaimer.

Please remember! Spell check is your friend.

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